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Tuan Ibrahim: Still no EIA report on Sg Panjang Forest Reserve development

08 Sep 2021
The Department of Environment (DOE) has yet to receive an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report from the Selangor government on the proposed development at the Sungai Panjang Permanent Forest Reserve (SPPFR) in Sabak Bernam, Selangor, Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said. He said according to Section 34A of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 (Act 127), an EIA report was required to enable the assessment of the development’s impact on the environment to be carried out. Speaking at a press conference after announcing his ministry’s key targets within the first 100 days in Putrajaya today, Tuan Ibrahim (above) said the report would enable the DOE to recommend measures to be taken to prevent, reduce or control negative impacts on the environment. "Any decision on whether the development work at SPPFR should be continued or not, is subject to the results of the EIA report," he said, adding that the report must be prepared by a qualified person and meet DOE guidelines. Yesterday, the Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation (SADC), through a media report, denied allegations it had encroached and opened part of the SPPFR area, which is said to be a replacement forest following the degazettement of the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR).