PUCM Pahang Opening Speech by Dato’ Keith Li , President of PUCM

15 Sep 2020
PUCM, Namely ( PUCM-PERSATUAN USAHAWAN CHINA DI MALAYSIA), was established in 2015 and currently has over 150 company members. It is one of the most active and locally recognised China association in Malaysia. PUCM members have invested in a variety of business sectors such as information technology, construction, mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, energy, retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, media and tourism, and have been making a significant contribution to Malaysia’s economic development. PUCM has been actively promoting Chinese companies and communicating with the local community through such creative methods as holding trade exhibition, shooting Chinese New Year and Hari Raya video clips, holding seminars and forums, interacting with the Bumiputera community and holding charity events. PUCM also interacts regularly with local and international medias.