MCMC advises users to be vigilant of fake social media accounts

MCMC advises users to be vigilant of fake social media accounts
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4  -- The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) reminded the public to be vigilant of the existence of fake accounts that run rampant on social media.

The MCMC, in a statement, advised the users not to take this matter lightly and should take immediate action if they come across fake accounts.

It said the public can help tackle these dubious accounts by clicking the Report Fake Account option provided by the social media platform provider for further scrutiny and actions based on violations of stipulated Community Standards.

 “Such actions are necessary to prevent the spread of bad content such as misleading news, hate speech and provocative content that can threaten national security.

“While the social media platform providers are actively scanning and verifying the authenticity of user accounts, there are still leakages from them,” the statement said. 

Even so, MCMC said the users should always be wary of the existence of fake accounts because, at times, it does not show fake or malicious signs at first, so the platform provider gives them reasonable doubts until they show signs of bad activity.

“Platform providers will find these accounts when their detection system identifies bad behaviour or if there are users who report it to them.

“Preventing fake accounts is one way to stop abuse but other protection should also be given once the content is generated and interactions occur with these fake accounts,” according to MCMC.

In this regard, MCMC also advised users to be vigilant, responsible and avoid falling victim to fake accounts and abusing social media networks.