State government to help Sony workers to be made redundant

State government to help Sony workers to be made redundant
PENANG, Dec 04 -- Penang will help the 3,400 workers who will be made redundant when the Sony plant in Perai closes next year, said Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy.

The electronics manufacturer will shut down the plant in September after 36 years of operations as part of a global downsizing exercise.

The closure is expected to affect some 3,400 workers, of whom 1,600 are foreigners.

In a statement today, Ramasamy the state government through its networks and agencies will try its best to ensure that the workers find new jobs. 

He said federal  agencies such as Socso can also provide services such as registration, job matching and incentives to  employees.

Invest Penang will use its close nexus with industries to conduct job matching. 

“CAT under the Penang Institute is well-equipped with the personnel and know-how in terms of registration of jobseekers and providing the crucial information to the industries concerned,” he said.

“If there is a need for re-training, then the Penang Skills Development Centre might be roped in to gain insight. As we know, PSDC is one of the foremost skill training centres that have produced excellent employees for many companies in Penang.” 

“While there is a possibility that some workers could be absorbed in another Sony plant located in Bangi, the fate of the employment prospect for other workers are not known.

“Worse still, the fate of the foreign workers remains to be seen. While those will skills might be employed, those without might not fit with requirements of many industries in Penang,” he added.